Paige Morrow Kimball began her career in unscripted television and later established herself in the scripted world, directing films for HBO’s iconic show, SESAME STREET. Her highly acclaimed social justice short film, PLAY DATE, won seven festival awards and is now a homelessness awareness arts-education program for middle schools. She directed comedy web-series, EXILED OUT EAST and wrote and directed an award-winning comedy short, ENDING UP, which was selected as ShortsHD’s Movie of the Week and distributed on ROKU’s ZPTV. Paige Directed the original stage production, ONE DATE LOVE which opened in NY and enjoyed an extended run. Paige’s extensive directing and producing credits in unscripted TV, include: HBO’s PROJECT GREENLIGHT, ABC’s OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, FOX’s BOOT CAMP, FXs NASCAR DRIVER and many more. Paige is currently a participant in the WEFORSHE DirectHer Program, with Todd Holland as her guarantor. She has also been a participant in the CBS Directors Program, the Sony Directors Program and the inaugural DGA Diverse Directors Mentorship Program. Paige has shadowed many TV directors including: Randall Einhorn, Ron Underwood, Jaffar Mahmood , Melissa Kossar, Lee Shallat Chemel, Daisy VonSherler Mayer and Millicent Shelton. She holds a BFA from NYU Film School and she has written articles about gender parity in media that have been published in The Huffington Post and other publications. She’s in Development of her award-winning First Feature, LATE BLOOMERS and in Post Production on FOUND, a Documentary shot during the pandemic with an all-female crew of one.

Paige’s production company, Makazan Films, is committed to creating diverse, female-centric, meaningful stories and hiring as many talented females and diverse artists in as many key positions as possible. The logo is an image of her two daughters Mak and Zan dancing together. She firmly believes, if girls can see it, they can be it!
Makazan Films

I was born and raised in Brooklyn with a Steenbeck in my closet. My dad is a radio DeeJay who was also an amateur Filmmaker. He worked the night shift so I didn’t see him much; my favorite memories from childhood are making films on celluloid with him on the weekends. My directing debut was “The Great Cookie Bake” starring my 7 year old brother in the lead role. I attended NYU film School and later PA’d for Sindey Lumet and Woody Allen. I went on to produce and direct a plethora of unscripted TV shows and documentaries. I paused my career to produce a couple of humans (a.k.a. my daughters) and then re-invented myself as a narrative filmmaker and actor. Soon I witnessed first hand, that fully dimensional roles for diverse characters were too few, so I committed to changing the status quo: writing, producing and directing projects for audiences who were despicably underserved. I discovered that putting my heart into projects about positivity and joy led me in the right direction. The films I created garnered awards, got me into directing programs and led to directing jobs. In 2018, I spearheaded a volunteer, grassroots female director group, #BestDirectHER that aims to level the awards playing field because I believe that equality matters. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and two teen daughters and continue to tell sweet stories just like I did when I was a girl back in Brooklyn.

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