Director Narrative Films:

Playdate”   A comedy short about a homeless woman (shooting July 2014).

“Ending Up” – An award-winning comedy short about divorce and starting over in the middle. 

“OMG! I’m Knocked Up”  A comedy ‘spoofality’ short based on a popular reality show.

“Slipped” – A romantic comedy short about slipping in love.

PLAY DATE - Final 002.A EndingUp_Poster_A omgposter

Director: Reality and Documentary:

Looking for Love Bachelorettes in Alaska  – FOX

Project Greenlight – HBO

Boot Camp – FOX – CBS

Sex Bytes – HBO

Rock Radio Revolution – PBS

In Style Celebrity Weddings – NBC

Mammary Lane – Independent Doc

The Oprah Winfrey Show – ABC

New Attitudes – Lifetime Television

House Beautiful – A&E

Essentials – TLC

Our Home – Lifetime TV

What’s Up in NY – NHK

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