Director Paige

Ever since I can remember, I have been making movies. My Dad had a 16mm movie camera and a Steenbeck in the closet of our Brooklyn apartment back when films were made on celluloid. He’s a radio disc jockey who worked six nights a week… Sunday was the only day I would see him. The time we would spend together, making short films on those precious Sundays, meant time with Dad. Since then, telling stories on film has been my passion.

Director Narrative Films:

Sesame Street – Fourteen short films seasons 48-52 -HBO/PBS

Exiled Out East – A Comedy Pilot about a Celeb Party Planner who commits a public Faux Pas and is exiled to the Hamptons.

Play DateA dramedy short about little girl who discovers a woman who’s homeless in her backyard.  -Amazon Prime

Ending Up – An award-winning comedy short about divorce and starting over in the middle. -ZPTV ROKU, SHORTS TV

OMG! I’m Knocked Up  – A comedy ‘spoofality’ short based on a popular reality show. 

Slipped – A romantic comedy short about slipping in love.

Director Reality and Documentary:

POWERS – Independant Documentary

Off the Wall: Los Angeles, PBS

Ana Guerero, Chief of Staff – LA CITY TV

Looking for Love Bachelorettes in Alaska  – FOX

Project Greenlight – HBO

Boot Camp – FOX – CBS

Sex Bytes – HBO

Rock Radio Revolution – PBS

In Style Celebrity Weddings – NBC

Mammary Lane – Independent Doc

The Oprah Winfrey Show – ABC

New Attitudes – Lifetime Television

House Beautiful – A&E

Essentials – TLC

Our Home – Lifetime TV

What’s Up in NY – NHK

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