Film at the Savannah Film Festival

The Huffington Post “How PMK is Making the World a Better Place”

“The greatest thing ever is seeing your film in front of an audience and hearing them laughing in all the right places!”

“The cool thing is that we were able to create a project that is a passion for both of us. And a project that supports other women on the cusp of and into their forties. (And we get to do it all with our children playing together in the background!)”

“This raised a question in my head: How can we shake it up without sounding like we’re complaining? How do we make positive change, while staying empowered?”

“Am I the only one who feels that women get better, and more interesting with age?”

“We also loved her passion and commitment for her upcoming film, Ending Up, in which she portrays the way real women confront challenging times in their lives with grit, grace, and laughter.”

“The film is about coming into your own, letting go of control, and letting go of the false idea of perfection.”

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