“Women Directors”The Huffington Post

5/14 “Mrs. Pattmore”The Huffington Post

2/14 “Hollywood’s Wage Gap”The Huffington Post

12/13 “40 and Fabulous”Women’s Voices for Change.org 

9/13 “Hollywood”Women’s Voices for Change.org

 9/13 “Aging Out”The Huffington Post

8/13 Blue Tuxedo Pants”Women’s Voices for Change.org

7/13 “Turning Up the Heat”The Huffington Post

3/13 “Breaking the Chain”The Huffington Post

10/12 “Ending Up”Women’s Voices for Change.org

Screenplays -Shorts:

type=’text/javascript’> type=’text/javascript’>“Playdate” – a comedy about a homeless woman (slated for production Summer 2014).

type=’text/javascript’> type=’text/javascript’>“Ending Up” – a comedy  about divorce and starting over in the middle (produced and directed).

type=’text/javascript’> type=’text/javascript’>“OMG! I’m Knocked Up” – a comedy Spoofality based on a popular reality show (produced and directed).

“Slipped” – a romantic comedy about slipping in love (produced and directed).

Screenplays -Features:

“Late Bloomer” – A mother and daughter coming of age story in the 1970s (in development).

“In Natalie’s Time” – The story of a young American woman who gets kidnapped by Cuban rebels in the 1950s.

“Writing on the Wall” – A comedy about mother/daughter renegades trying to make positive changes for women.

“Spare Parts”- A comedy about a rich guy cloning himself.


Ending Up, The Web Series  (in development)

Hollywood Ghost Stories – AMC

House Beautiful – A&E

Essentials – TLC

New Attitudes – Lifetime

Home & Family – Family Channel

Handmade by Design – Lifetime TV

Our Home – Lifetime TV

What’s Up in NY – NHK

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